Monday, February 17, 2014

Thanks to Selenium

         Many times it's happened with me (as it  happens in every team) that our team have very short time for demo,and unfortunately got a issue at very peak time.Developer fix it,then play of tester starts.Tester has to test in following  scenarios 

1)Either issue has been solved?

2)Either all other operations are performing correctly as like performing previously.

3)Any bug that had been solved, either it is again regenerated?

       For this conditions,I always used to 

1)Keep prepared short test data by major scenarios for reducing time to prepare it.

2)Using tool like meld diff for comparing stable output file with new output file.

3)Have separate test cases file with major scenarios to reduce probability of reducing major bugs.

      But being a Tester, it was not satisfactory testing also no one can be assured about surety of product.

It was a challenge,to be ready for this type of situation and perform regression testing in very short time.

 As expected,Automation using selenium helped me alot to perform regression testing and cover maximum scenarios in very short time.

It is a very simple but great idea to store all scenarios,test cases and play it when needed.

By experience,I got to know that the work of 9 hours reduced to just 15 min,by investing just couple hours in studying selenium IDE basics,and couple hours for recording test cases.

The advantages of Selenium IDE are
1)Its very easy to learn,simple.

2)If you have prepared very good testcases then by knowing only following  commands we can cover maximum part application depending on type of application.
  1.      assertText
  2.      verifyText
  3.      open
  4.      clickAndWait
  5.      type
  6.      select
  7.      setSpeed
  8.      pause
  9.      waitForText
  10.      waitForElementPresent

3)Its open source technology,no any organisation will hesitate to give permission to use it.

4) You can run all test cases in a test suite,there is no need of giving continuous attention towards running test cases.While we can give time to other very important works like chatting on mobile,listening songs,discussing about Kapil's show with colleagues. ;)

 making Testing very very happy..

As I had already prepared proper test cases,there was no any serious problem for recording test cases,instead problem of synchronising application with selenium IDE.
Selenium performs with speed as per our wish but talking about  testing application,we can't predict.

We can adjust speed according to our application by using pause and setSpeed command.

In many cases while using selenium IDE,I felt there is need of some if-else type facility for  covering complicated functionality,and got the solution in the form of Selenium WebDriver which I have started to learn from today itself.I hope it will optimise testing with reducing time and covering large part to automate. 



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