Monday, December 23, 2013

Testing as a career?

          This question created a huge dilemma in my mind,after getting selected in a software company as a software tester, either to continue in this field or try for Software Development domain in same or other organization.But being on bench for one month changed my view towards Sotware testing.In this one month I went throw many software testing blogs and read comments on that blogs.

Following things I understood from these blogs

1)Software Tester is not less than any developer if (s)he is passionate about his job.

   Taking about salary:
          Many software tester have more salary than software developer of same experience.

   Talking about challenges:
          To love our job, Self-actualization should be achieved from job.In software field,it can be achieved by having responsibilities to face challenges.Tester may have important role in R&D of software,Deciding flow of software and making it more user friendly and more productive.This  is not less than challenge.

2)  Software Developer writes code by considering one user,Software Tester  test application by considering thousand ,lakhs may be crore of user.

          This line is sufficient to describe important role of tester.

3) If you are good in programming then it will count as more advantage in future as Automation testing consist of writing scripts.

          Automation testing is hope for testers those are good in logic,and eager to utilize it  but can't apply in manual testing with 100%.

4) Anybody can do software testing,but everybody can't be good software tester.
        U will definitely agree with this after getting experience of at least some months. ;)

      List is endless,But Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam's sentence really ended my dilemma.

          "Whatever you do,you should be best in that field".

     Journey has been just started,Lets learn the new interesting topics from sharing experiences.

Lets Taste Software Testing. :)

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